Chief Operating Officer / Head of Product / Head of Consulting Services / CTO

Aligning technology capabilities directly to product and marketplace needs. Evaluating and incorporating new technologies to better serve our products and customers.

I’m a 30+ year experienced technology and business professional who specializes in effectively aligning technology strategy, spend and resourcing to support business needs – and in bringing new technology capabilities to the table and evaluating whether we can translate them into competitive advantage in our marketplace.

I’ve managed technology, consulting, product and sales in various combinations at organizations from startups to F500. Those roles have had titles ranging from COO to Head of Product to ones too long to type here. I’ve been involved in and using capabilities such as big data, web-scale deployments, SaaS and real time analytics since before they had fancy names.

My specialty is alignment and focus. In finding the technology and product spend that is not contributing to market success and making the changes necessary to correct it. I’ve done this successfully directly in health care, government systems, customer relationship management (CRM), software and media organizations – as well as with a much broader range of industries as a service provider.

I’m seeking a role as a CTO / Head of Product or whatever we want to call it that allows me to apply these proven capabilities to a new organization. If you’d like a thoughtful CIO who brings more than simply execution on technology to the table – I’d like to talk to you.

Instead of constructing a bunch of torturous sentences – how about I just get the keywords out there? CTO, Product Management, Service Management, Customer Relationship Management, CRM, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Product, Startup,, Big Data, SaaS, Media, Agency, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Services, Worldwide, NLP, Natural Language Processing, OpenCalais, Boston, Massachusetts


Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or by email at Vcard available here.